Build together on Bitcoin L2

A community-driven Bitcoin Layer2.

EVM-compatible smart contract platform, designed to enhance scalability, reduce fees, and foster a more secure and decentralized financial ecosystem.

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Technical features in BEVM.


EVM Compatibility + BTC native gas and security

Fully compatible with the EVM ecology, supporting wallets such as Metamask, development frameworks such as Truffle/Hardhat, and the Solidity programming language. Utilizes native BTC as the gas fee for EVM, similar to how ETH layer2 OP/Starknet uses ETH as the gas fee for Layer2.

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Taproot Threshold Signature.

On-chain POS nodes to ensure the decentralization of threshold signature verifiers. Using singal privacy communication protocol to ensure the security of the aggregated schnorr signature pubkey/msg .

Bitcoin light node.

Bitcoin Light Node operates on the BTC chain, supporting the Wasm version (no_std). As part of our continued commitment to innovation, plans are in place to upgrade to the zkSTARK Ultra-Light Node, utilizing zkSTARK technology to achieve a new level of efficiency and decentralization within the BTC ecosystem .

Signal Privacy Distributed Protocol.

Signal protocol to ensure the privacy and security of message communication between nodes when schnorr aggregate signature and Mast contract combined threshold signature.

advantages compared to other layer2.

Compared to other layer2/cross-chain bridges, our solution offers four distinct advantages.

No centralized initial setup required
Distributed network on the chain, more decentralized
No permission required, just trust the code
Distributed network communication with complete privacy

BEVM Ecosystem .

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BEVM Blockchain Explorer

BEVM official browser, used to browse on-chain dataut dolo.



BSwap, a BTC-EVM DEX based on BEVM. Make it possible for users to swap with BRC20 and ERC20 .


Official Bridge

bevm official asset cross-chain bridge .



bitbox is a professional and comprehensive inscription service platform for Ordinals.

Official recommended wallet.

Easy-to-use omnichain self-hosted wallet with private keys stored in the user's own device, giving the user full control of their digital currency and NFT assets .

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